Saturday, August 28, 2010

Overheard at Booth 2

Don: Hey did you hear about some guy in Honolulu is suing a South Korean computer game maker? He says he's been addicted for six years!

Leo: Sounds like a personal responsibility issue to me!

Raph: Yeah, can you spell LAZY, anybody?

Don: Really, though, the guy's an ex-vet, and he says that he can't get out of bed or even take a bath because he's stuck 24-7 playing some on-line game . . . he's even been in re-hab for it.

Mike: If he's a vet, do you think it's combat stress?

Leo: I know it's not fair to say, but I still hold with the repsonsibility - I mean, even if you've been all freaked out by war or whatever, you still have to take the responsibility for your problems. You just can't always say it's a computer game maker or whatever.

Raph: Yeah, man I feel sorry if he's got PTSD or whatever, but what's he expecting to get out of this?

Don: Personally, me - it kinda makes me scared to check out the game. And at the same time, kinda intrigued!

Mike: Got my laptop right here - wanna check it out?

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