Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the Counter

Niall Carter, the book he just read:

Instant Karma - and no, it's not a biography of Lennon. It's a book told from the point-of-view of a guy who's going to blow up the Chicago Public Library - it's his journal. Which is a pretty effective method, except at the end it gets a little dicey.

How so? Because you can tell the writer's interjecting action where there wouldn't be any action in a journal - the journal would just end, but like I said, it's a weakness, but this still comes in as one of my top three books that I've read this summer.

I really like how it starts off as just some science nut who likes to hang out at the library, and it's only as you go through do you start realizing there's something not quite right with this guy.

A movie? Why does everyone want to know if it's been made into a movie?

OK, then, fine ! Why does everyone want to know if a book could be MADE into a movie? Can't we just read books just to read them as a book any more!

Dang! No wonder this guy blew up the CPL! He turned a dying institution into the ultimate ephemeral art!

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