Monday, August 30, 2010

Booth 2

is where five people were talking in whispered tones about the deaths in Mexico, all the deaths, over 30,000 since Calderon sent the troops to the border in 2006.

30,000. Most of them civilians, and by civilians we mean people not even really connected with the narcotraficantes. Or the army. Or the police.

72 laborers killed last month.

After 30 fusillado'ed just yesterday.

Two days ago, another mayor killed. His six year old daughter, sitting beside him in the car.

We can't even bring ourselves to talk about the women of Juarez. The disappeared. The women whose blood cries out from the desert.

The desert holds so many voices now. So many voices, haunting the valley. Voices like the slow motion of the dead water of the dead river, slugging through the border between two worlds, one full of hate and the other full of death, take your pick.

The voices of the dead . . . someday, that will truly be all that's left.

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