Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Overheard at Table 2: Comedy Sketchbook "Winter Freeze"

Scene: a state governor's office.  A governor, in a wheelchair, surrounded by a few advisors.

Governor: OK, guys, we got this winter freeze coming up on Thursday.  Is the grid ready?

Advisor 1: It's ready as it'll ever be.

Governor: 'Cuz you remember what happened last year?  This state isn't usually prepared for a winter blast.  We got slammed by negative opinion polls.  That's not gonna happen again.

Advisor 2: Not gonna happen.  ERCOT has teams ready.

Governor: Goddammit man, I don't give a shit about ERCOT.  I'm talking the spin doctors.  I'm talking if 10 million homes don't have power, we can blame the windfarms or the providers, and if no one's power goes out, THIS OFFICE can take all the credit.

Advisor 3: Yes, sir.  We got everyone ready to push the message out, minute by minute, as the weather happens ... or doesn't happen.

Governor:  Now THAT's what I wanna hear!  [Governor begins to wheel himself toward a side door].  I'm gonna be in my room.  Someone send in that new intern.  She's 21, right?

Advisor 3: I believe she is, sir.

Governor: You mean you made damn sure she is, right?  Background check?

Advisor 3: Yes, sir.  We verified her age.

Governor: Good.  I don't wanna end up Gaetzed, if you know what I mean.

[Governor leaves the room.  The Advisors look at each other.]

Advisor 1: OK, let's get to work.

[Advisor 2 starts to make a call]

[Scene ends]

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