Monday, February 14, 2022

Overheard at the Counter: The Different Types of News

The other day I heard on a local radio program an upcoming discussion about what exactly is journalism, now that there are so many people engaging in it.  Can it be impartial? Is it merely a bunch of content creators? etc.

The question itself angered me, because this program was a local NEWS program.

So, after mulling it over for about a day, I have come up with the following distinction between different types of news, using a common and familiar headline:

FACT: Cop Shoots Man.

JOURNALISM: White Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man.

LEFT WING SPIN: White Cop with History of Using Excessive Force Shoots Defenseless Black Man.

RIGHT WING SPIN: Decorated Police Officer Shoots Man with Long Criminal Record.

LEFT WING PROPAGANDA: Cops Out of Control!  We must Defund the Police!

RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA: Crime Out of Control!  Libs Want to Take Your Guns!

FAKE NEWS: [there is no description here because there is no such thing as Fake News.  The term "Fake News" is a rhetorical device used by the Right to impugn Left Wing Spin, Journalism, and even Fact itself]

For me, I would only consider Fact, Journalism, and the Spins as "News"

Propaganda is not "News" - it merely masquerades as news.  It probably is the true "Fake News" but I wouldn't want to give that term any more credence than it already has.



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