Thursday, May 14, 2020

Overheard at Table 4: Holst's The Planets

Frankly I can't really stand Holst's The Planets.... it's too anthemic and then suddenly drops to inaudible.  I did, however, see it once as the score to a film in a science museum set to images taken by space rovers of the planets as it passed.  Screen was like over a hundred feet high.  It was huge, I remember I could see everything, every ripple in the atmosphere of Jupiter.  Great experience.

Still, the symphony, I dunno, I just can't stand it, even though I try to listen to it.  Then I started thinking, what if someone redid it as electronica?  Not a symphony, but synthesizers?  Computers?

What if they incorporated spoken passages from communications about the crafts as they were passing by the planets?

I think it would sound majestic, truly I do!

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