Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Overheard at the Counter: No President Has Been Treated Worse

Verble Gherulous: In the darkest days of the Civil War, Lincoln, having lost his  son, along with so many soldiers, hung down his head & said to Mary Todd, "I can make it though this, because what we face today will not be as tough as the questions reporters will ask Trump 157 years from now!"

Lori Masters @yuppitsme: Exactly!! I’ve also heard rumors that,with his dying breath, he uttered to VP Johnson, “Write down for posterity that 151 years from now, there will be a President, “the likes of which we’ve never seen.” When pressed for details, he said, “Just kidding. The guy’s a loser.”

John Steppenwolf: George Washington, looking at his men as they were losing toes and feet to the bitter cold, said, "BUCK UP SOLDIERS!!  This isn't nearly as bad as Trump will have it in 241 years, when he'll be asked about all his golf trips in February!"

VG: And James A Garfield, who lived 80 days after being shot until the time he finally died of sepsis from multiple infections, repeatedly kept saying through spasms of fever and pain, "I go to my God knowing that at least I will never be grilled by Jim Acosta!"

Lucky Moran: ... and don't forget that day in Dallas, when JFK was clutching his skull, and Jackie said, "Quit yer bitchin'!  This isn't near as bad as having the papers talk about how you were golfing during a pandemic!"

[a hush falls over the room]

Lucky:  Too soon?

Verble: Much.

John: Most def.

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