Thursday, February 6, 2020

Overheard at Booth 1: Crispus Attucks

Dever Dodd says, "More should be known about Crispus Attucks.  Half Black-Half Native American.  Supposed to be the first death of the Boston Massacre.   If his life hasn't already been made into a movie, it should be.  A big blockbuster Historical hit. 

"Look, the dude was reported to be six inches taller than a normal man.  Huge guy.  Fought in the streets.  Hated the British for stealing jobs.   Father a slave and mother a Native American.  He escaped slavery.   This is all fantastic stuff for a big budget blockbuster movie.

"Now ... if one of the studios'd like to give me a $100 million budget, I'd be happy to make it for 'em!"

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