Friday, December 25, 2015

Overheard at Booth 4: What's Christmas?

So, OK, yesterday we're all off of work and my wife's kids spend the day lazing aroudn the house andnot helpingher make dinner, like the youngest is on Call of Duty or some damn shit and won't come out of the room just yells at his mom to bring him some water, and then the other son says that he wants to go out with his girlfriend's family and they're going rock climbing over the weekend and the wife is all like 'what about spending time with the family?' and he's like 'hey, she is going to be my family!' and then the daughter who by the way is flunking out of her first semester of college pipes up and tells her mom that she's going to quit college and move up to Norman to live with her friend and just do some waitressing or some shit and the wife is looking at me and telling me 'This is how they were brought up because YOU were never a good role model because YOU never prayed with them every day or told them about Jesus' and I'm like 'Hell woman I at least tried to get them to church every Sunday YOU were the one who always let them sleep in or skip it when they had a sleepover' and I'm thinking

is THIS what Christmas is all about?

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