Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Overread at the Counter: Notes written while listening to Al Di Meola

Notes while listening to an Al Di Meola song ….

Macedonia Supermoon

In Sunion Greece, the evening will come upon the promenade in soft pad-paw footsteps, cat-like, a vague creature, unconcerned with time or pace.  The moon will rise full over the evening, emboldened by the sun that has removed its face from the waters of the Aegean.   The hunter-gold colour of the moon will shimmer strong yet smooth across the rain-slicked stone bridge where lovers stroll, taking pictures of themselves among the ancient stone Templars who guard these pathway stones.

The lamps will remain unlit, and unneeded.  The night will now have all the light that it needs to bathe these lovers in its simplicity.   The lovers along the bridge will draw their baths, will draw their breaths, will draw their imaginations and leave their passions embedded in the tiny cracks among the stones.

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