Saturday, December 19, 2015

Overheard at Booth 3: Trapped (2002)

I had seen this one about ten twelve years ago and always wanted to show it to my wife, but I could never find it.  Finally found it on Netflix and had to make the wife watch it, but she was glad she did.  This movie is super-tense, like you can just feel the tension throughout the whole thing.

Courtney Love is actually pretty good in this one.  For a crazy woman she is one hell of an actress.  And Kevin Bacon can play bad guys like no one else.  His bad guys are like, scary evil one moment, and then almost like a drinking buddy the next moment.

Bacon and Love and his somewhat slow brother are kidnappers, they kidnap rich people's kids and hold them for ransom for 24 hours, then let them go.  Usually Bacon stays with the mom and Love stays with the Dad, and there's this expectation that they all get to sleep with each other, like some sort of bizarre swingers party.  Doesn't happen in this one, but you get the impression that it does.  Turns out that the kid they kidnap has asthma, which puts a twist in their plans, and then everything gets all twisted up.  Mainly the horror is all in the mind games that are being played here, but seriously, if you've Netflix you've got to check it out!

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