Friday, January 11, 2013

Overread at the Counter: America's Lost YAWP!

America's Lost YAWP!

America where is your gigantic YAWP!
you seem much diminished now, more like
a timid squawk, peeping out from
behind the blinds, like a frightened gradeschooler
waiting for the 11 rounds to be split into your brain.

Yes, America, I’m talking to you, hiding there behind the sofa,
pissing your pants while you let your dogs
ravage your cabinets, looking for 30round clips, while they
throw your grandmother out into the rising ocean
that just removed the beach, what was that?
Did you just let your slipper squeak against the hardwood?

Better watch out now.
Here comes the gas canister, courtesty of Combined Systems Inc.,
with the words MADE IN USA
so proudly imprinted on the side.

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