Sunday, January 6, 2013

Overheard at Table 4: Ted Cruz Demembered

Billy: Ted Cruz

Joe: Putz.  Plain and Simple.

Jim: Some more party in your tea, dahlin?

Bob: Sworn in on his daddy's Bible.

Billy: Says they spent many a night around the fireplace, sitting at his daddy's knee, while he read to them from that Bible.

Joe: Seems like daddy might have skipped a few passages.

Jim:  Such as the one about healing the sick.

Bob: All the ones about healing the sick.

Billy: Jesus, the Great Physician.

Joe: Give them shelter.

Jim: Succor.

Bob: Suffer the children.

Billy: Not 'let the children suffer.'

Joe: Maybe it lost a little in translation.

Jim: Wonder what version of the Bible daddy was readin to little Teddy.

Bob: ASHV: The American Standard Hate Version.

Billy: . . . and a very sad 'Amen.'

Joe: Dolorous.

Jim: *shakes head sadly*

Bob: Well, here's a prayer that Ted will one day grow up.

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