Sunday, January 20, 2013

Left at Table 3: A Fable

some teenager, an obvious leftie from the looks of this writing, left this paper at Table #3.  it appears to be some fable, possibly for a class assignment.  it's very rough, could use a lot of polish, but it has a fairly sound idea:


Once upon a time, there was a zoo, and all the animals who lived in the zoo lived under rules that guaranteed each zoo animal would be treated fairly.

One day, though, the lions thought their ideas made them better able to run the zoo.  The lions were bigger and stronger and liked to fight.   In fact, they often went into the zebra cages and the giraffes enclosures in order to take their food.

The lions also joined forces with the tigers, who were very religious, and formed a unity that made them feel as though they were better than the other animals.

The chimps didn’t like the tigers always talking about their religion.  The chimps thought that all animals had come from chimps and therefore should all be able to just hang out in trees and sling their poo whenever they wanted.

The tigers thought that the chimps were nasty poo-slingers and should be restrained from being able to sling poo.

So the tigers and the lions put up posters all over the zoo talking about how nasty the chimps were.  Their posters and their calls to action enraged a lot of the animals.   So much so that the snakes would go into the chimp cages and bite the chimps, poisoning them so they would die.

All of the zoo animals were scared of the poisonous snakes, and of the religious tigers and of the proud rich lions.  So they never did anything to stop the innocent chimps from being killed.

The moral of this story is this:

You can claim that everybody is equal in one big zoo, but that quickly falls apart when you identify yourselves by separate cages.

The symbols:
The chimps are the liberals.
The lions are the wealthy
The tigers are the so-called “religious right”
The snakes are the insane mass murderers driven to violence by Fox News.

The other animals: are all the rest of us who always stand by and never do anything.

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