Monday, August 20, 2012

Overheard at Table 5: The Dark Knight Rises

Yeah, I'll admit, when I took my kids to go see Dark Knight Rises I was looking around to see if any freaks in gas masks were coming in the door.   That kind of stuff just naturally makes you nervous, you know but yeah I know it's like what are the odds?  that happening twice.

Weird, yeah - but the movie.  The movie was OK, I mean, maybe it was because you know, people died just wanting to go watch it, but I just felt this movie wasn't as good as it should have been.  For example, we've got Alfred tearing up in almost every scene, I mean I've loved all of Michael Cain's movies, he's been a great actor for, like, forever, but this blubbery boo-hoo don't get yourself hurt, my son! was just a little over the top.

And Christian Bale?  Who told that guy he could act?  well, I dunno maybe he can act but he can't act Batman.  Less said about him the better.

The best parts of the movie were that one kid who used to be on Third Rock from the Sun, and then came back again in Inception - yeah,now he was pretty good, and you were thinking he's either going to become Robin or become the new Batman, since this Batman's walking around with permanent bone damage, and Catwoman, now that was a saving grace.   That lady can act!   I mean I just saw her in One Day and my little girls know her from the Princess Diaries, that Anne Hathaway takes the Catwoman of the sixties and just runs with it.  It's like she embodies the classic sexiness and mixes it withe the truly independent woman, who only follows a man who can truly earn her respect.   She's just great, and NOT just because she looks slinky in a black leather bodysuit.

Bane, I just wanted him to rip out the shoulder cuffs and grow huge, but he never did!   So that's not Bane, that's just some run-of-the-mill psycho killer.

Anyway, a few twists and turns.   A few big explosions, some good scenes, but mainly it was a snoozer about Batman having been a hermit for eight years because Maggie Gyllenhal got killed in the previous movie.   Oh, yeah, and Alfred weeping throughout.

You can wait for the DVD.

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