Friday, August 24, 2012

Overheard at Booth 1: Arthur

Dad: So, what's you guys think of the Arthur movie?

Gabby: i thought it was pretty funny.

Bobby: hn hm.  i like chocolate

Gabby: he's asking you about the movie and you talk about chocolate!

Bobby: i like chocolate

Gabby: i hate it when you do that, we're talking about something and then you just come up with some random stuff. you're so stupid i hate you.

Dad: I wonder why I even try.

Dad's Interior Monologue:  I was hoping they would talk about how it started out seeming inappropriate, but then began to have some redeeming qualities, such as the obvious affection of Helen Mirren (Arthur's nanny - yes, he has his nanny at the age of 30!) and how we descover that his alcoholism really disguises his intense compassion - how he gives more money away than he throws away - how the love grows for the girl who gives guided tours of Grand Central Station - about the sadness when Helen Mirren dies (How she was the best part of the whole movie!) - and about the final redemption of Arthur - I was hoping the kids would all talk about that, but sadly all I get is :

Bobby: why dont you just shut your piehole?

Gabby: why dont you shut yours, dingus?  nobody wants to hear any stupid thing you have to say anyway.   god why do i have to live with this freak!

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