Monday, August 6, 2012

Overheard at Table 1: Atheist Missionaries

. . . saw this post the other day somewhere, showed a icture of starving kids and said, "Yep, God sure loves the little children!"

Sounds a bit harsh.

. . . I understand it, though.  It's the old argument: how can a loving God let children suffer?   But man, for a moment there it just made me mad, because I'm thinking, yeah, for all the suffering, I don't see any atheists out there pooling their money so they can send missionaries to dig wells and give medicine?   I don't see any Muslim organizations trying to build homes in third world countries?   I don't see Buddhists trying to stop malaria or educate people on basic personal health.

You might be taking it a bit too hard.

. . . well, I suppose because the same poster had put up a picture that showed three "extremists."  First panel, "Muslim Militant Extremist" had a guy with a gun and explosvies strapped to his torso.   Second, "Christian Militant Extremist" showed a guy outside an abortion clinic with a gun, and the last one "Atheist Militant Extremist" showed some hippie-lookin' dude with a beer.   It just seemed so patently silly.

Then why does it bug you?

. . . because the only thing anybody knows about Christianity these days is those gay hating freaks from Kansas, or all the send-you-to-hell money grubbing evangelicals!

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