Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Overheard at Table 4: Framing the Debate

Republicans are very very good - at framing the debate.

Some examples, on a radio show (Morning Joe I think it was) there was a soundclip of two men discussing the attack ads of this year, and one man was talking about Romney's negative ads, and had asked the other man about this false accusations, and the other responded by the question, "Well, what about your ads - they did the same thing.  Are you comfortable with that?"

And the first man tried to bring the question back to the original point, but the other guy just kept hammering the question, "Are you comfortable with that?" Meaning, are you morally accepting of your camp presenting the same type of ad.   All the while, Joe is interjecting, "Answer the question."

This is so typical of the conservative style of debate: they are able to avoid answering questions by using fallacies of logic, such as this play on the "Tu Quoque" (You Too!) fallacy.   And then, spotting the hesitancy in the first man's response, the other man was able to continue the belabor the point, thereby making his opponent more confused and seem more evasive.

And those who can't reason coherently (about 90% of all Americans and a full 100% of Morning Joe listeners) will have only the impression that the liberal is weak while the conservative is strong.

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