Saturday, February 11, 2012

Overheard at Table 2: Super 8

Excellent movie! Think of ET on steroids. In fact, the coolest part about this movie is that it was set in about the same year that ET was filmed, so you can just imagine that this alien carnage is going on right at the same time that the cute little bugger is trying to 'phooooneee hooomee'!

Of course, it does kind of go along with the usual plot of 'humans bad to alien - bad bad government military pukes' but this has enough of a heart, with the jr high kids with their movie making and one kid always setting stuff on fire and another always puking whenever anything happens, so it also has that Goonies or Stand By Me feel.

So, basically, this is what happens when two rich movie making guys decide to toss off that movie they dreamed of making when they were kids. It's like Paul McCartney just recording some acoustic tunes in his back yard one afternoon - it kind of has that feel when you think about what monsters of cinema Abrams and Speilberg are: their knockoff is a hundred times slicker than what most independents can muster, which is kind of sad in a way, because you wish that there could be more movie making geniuses out there, but at least you know with Speilberg you're always gonna get yer coupla-bucks worth, definitely.

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