Thursday, February 16, 2012

Overheard at Table 1: Mitt and the Dog

Billy: Heard that Mitt put his dog on top of his car.

Joe: Yeah, heard that.

Jim: But he said it was because he had five kids and the wife.

Bob: Getting all them babies birthed down from them birthing clouds, right?

Billy: Mormon cloud babies. That's an album by S and M, I think.

Joe: The women are mad about that dog.

Jim: And them animal rights folks, too.

Bob: Well, yeah, I mean, who wouldn't be? Strapping a dog in a carrier on the top of a car. I mean, the poor animal has seventy, eight miles an hour winds swapping it in the face for a thousand miles . . .

Billy: Well, Mitt did come out and say that it was a windproof container.

Joe: Windproof? Or airtight?

Jim: Which'd be even worse.

Bob: Well, you know . . . when all is said and done - he DID say it was tied down tightly.

Billy: That's just the guy in ya talkin', that is.

Joe: Yup, s'pose so.

Jim: Like you never done it or thought about it.

Bob: Wonder what he used for tie downs.

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