Sunday, February 12, 2012

Overheard at Booth 4: Real Steel

Have you seen Real Steel?

Nope. Isn't that some sort of Rockem Sockem Robot movie?

I thought it was, but we rented it because the kid wanted to. Turned out to be freakin fantastic!

Rockem Sockem Robot fantastic?

But it's not robot punching, it's a redemption movie. It's all about this old boxer, and in the future boxing is done with giant robots, and this guy is a real loser, and he has never seen his kid, but the mom dies and he's got to spend time with the kid, and basically it's all about how the 'child is father to the man' and how he turns out to be a hero to the kid after all.

Sounds like it might be pretty cool.

What I thought was really the best part is that in this movie, you don't even really know it's in the future, until they start dropping hints as to the timeline, and a few things are futuristic - the robots of course, and the solar panels on top of the truck, and the wind turbines on the back roads, but the tech doesn't really overpower the movie - not like in something like AI or Minority Report, which was all so futuristic you KNOW you're in a sci-fi movie, no - this one just seems to be a movie that knows exactly what it wants to be: a movie about a dad making good on being a father to his kid. The robots, the sci-fi, all that is really secondary so the story of their relationship.

So it's really a love story.

Yeah, I guess you could say that it is.

But it does have some cool Robots smashing the crap outta other robots, right?

Oh yeah, definitely! That's the coolest part!

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