Monday, February 21, 2011

Overheard at Table 4

1: I don't get it. Our pastor was talking yesterday about starting a new series about how all these revolutions in the Middle East were signs of the end of the world. But I thought we as Americans always wanted democracy to spread throughout the world.

2: Nah. Just the democracies where we tell 'em who to elect. Most of the time, these countries, when they set up a democracy that we can't rig, they wind up freely electing leaders who tell us to shove it.

3: Not true! They say they're gonna be democracies, but that's just a lie - like it says in Revelation "They will beleive the lie." The democracy call is just a sham for hard-Islamic movements like the Muslim Brotherhood to rise up and take over, and that'll bring about the end of the world. And that's why we've always got to be over there - to straighten things out.

1: But if the end of the world ultimately is when God puts everything in order - why are we so worried about it?

3: Because we don't want it RIGHT NOW!

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