Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overheard at Booth 1: Knight and Day

the lastest movie we saw yeah wus this really kewel one about this guy who's a freakin cool kickapp'secret agent and how he goes for Cameron Diaz and all the CIAs out to like kill'im y'know and the whole thing is just like, there's explosians and


there jumpin' off cars on the freeway and from one semi to the top of another & he's jumpin off motorcycles & they go flyin'through the air and he's like landing on the hood and he sez Hey (whatevver'er name is) you look great in that dress!" and then he's shootin'the badguyz and then

there on his island and she makes it mess up by callin'out on 'er phone & they pick up the signal and then a plane starts bombin'shipply outta the island and I forget how they git outta that'un but then

there at the end and it's just really kewel and she saves HIS butt for once, and they end up drivin'down the shores of Mexico in this rockAWEsome car and

it's just totally RIP! I mean, it's got Tom Cruise in it and EVER'THING!

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