Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Overheard at the Counter

Niall Carter, reading his phone, says, "Verble just tweeted an article that says there's a study showing that they might have a pill for PTSD."

John Steppenwolf asks, "Before or after?''

Niall Carter, still reading, "Looks like right there on the battlefield. Along with the other medic supplies, a little pill to take care of it, right before it sets in."

John says, "Great. Just great. That's all we need - another example of treating an illness with another disease!"

Niall says, "Well, I've got a shure-fire 100% cure for PTSD - it's called DON'T GO TO WAR!"

The Barista, refilling their mugs, says, "Amen to that!"

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