Saturday, June 12, 2010

Overheard at Table Two

- did you hear about the Harvard student who's gonna be deported back to Mexico? Tried to get on a plane with an old consulate ID and ICE caught him. Doesn't even remember coming here - he was four!

- so where'd he grow up?

- San Antonio.

- Ah. San Antonio. Half the population is from Mexico. Why don't they just deport him back to San Antonio?

- Legal, illegal, dude, that's not the point. The point is that he's going to Harvard. Gangbangers and small time crooks and people who spend a lifetime in and out of jail don't go to Harvard. It's not like the US has such a great wellspring of super-intelligent people - we're gonna deport our college students?

- why not? They're probably gonna get jobs in foreign countries anyway.

- Dude, there has GOT to be a path to getting citizenship - college degree in some field that will help the country, I mean, if these kids are doing something to contribute, why should we send them off?

- How about joining the military? I'll agree with you only about that - some guy or girl's willing to serve in the military and die for this country, I think they should get automatic citizenship. Because there are millions and millions of natural borns who won't lift a finger to defend 'er!

- Amen to that, my brother!

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