Monday, June 7, 2010

God is Not Good . . .

. . . .

It's just that sometimes it's hard for us to conceive.
You know . . . we've only got about eight pounds of grey matter, and we are limited by synaptic responses, a mixture of electrical charges and chemical messages. And while the brain is still a fantastic universe of improbabilities on its own, it's still limited by the physical restraints: electricity can only go so far. Chemical reactions have only a finite capability.
Basically, I'm saying that's where faith comes in to play: to know that there is something that can't be understood, and to follow that something. That's faith.
But! To be SATISFIED with that, well, that takes courage!
Some would call that ignorance. Some would call it blind stupidity. I completely understand those who feel that way; I understand those who would call me to the mat for my own hypocricy, weaknesses, failings, angers, anxieties, and disbeliefs: me, who supposedly calls myself a Christian! What an idiot! What a fool! Believing in something that we can't begin to understand.
I could say, "Well, we believe in the universe. We believe in the billions of years it took for dinosaurs to become oil. We believe in nuclear reactions. And even the experts can not truly understand it - and the experts are only a tiny tiny fraction of all us wiggly little humans down here.
So I suppose I'll just end with this: I've been stupid for a lot of things. I've been stupid for girls, I've been stupid for cars, I've been stupid with my money, I've been stupid with jobs (that I've lost!), so I figure that if I'm going to run around being so stupid, well, it might as well be for something greater than anything ever conceived.
And someone who tells me that He knows exactly what kind of idiot I am . . . and who loves me anyway!

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