Saturday, June 19, 2010

At the Counter

John Steppenwolf, Henry Allen Payne, and Lucky Moran all sitting at the counter, asking the Barista about Verble's outburst the other day.

"Is he gonna be all right?" asks Lucky Moran.

"Oh yeah, he's just fine," says the Barista. "As soon as his wife got here and dragged him to the back and shoved a couple of Valiums down his gullet, he went out like a light. I think he's still sleeping it off."

"Hate to see him when he wakes up," says John Steppenwolf.

"Why's that?" asks Henry Allen Payne.

"Because he'll probably turn on the news and hear about that Republican Senator from Texas - who apologised to BP for their inconvenience - called it a $20 Billion Shakedown."

"Yeah, but he was forced to apologize," says Lucky.

"And he retracted it," says the Barista.

Steppenwolf says, "But the point is: he said it. And all the little followers believe it. You know what Verble will say: the American people are being told to believe by Fox News that BP is actually the good guy. And that to make them pay will be a bad thing."

Lucky adds, "I read today an article that posited that the spill might actually be good for the environment."

"How do they say that?" says Henry.

"Something about slowing or preventing hurricanes this summer. Hurricanes get their source from warm ocean water, and apparently there's been this theory that putting a film of vegetable oil over the surface of the water to try to prevent hurricanes from sucking it up. They think this'll be a natural test."

"Wow," says Henry. "Bet that Republican Senator from Texas will probably want to pin a medal on BP and give 'em back their 20 bil if there ain't no hurricanes this season!"

Steppenwolf says, "Sounds about what they're likely to do. And they're so good at it, America will blindly agree."

"I know," says Lucky, "I'm still in shock that they've convinced Americans that it's actually better for your health NOT to have dependable health care coverage. What a country!"

"It is, indeed!" agrees Steppenwolf, drinking deeply of his morning coffee.

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