Thursday, June 10, 2010

A few notes on bracing

Bracing: a bracing wind is a strong wind, usually very chilly. To brace yourself means to prepare yourself for something difficult, such as bad news or a hard physical assault of some kind.

Bracing, in the world of the Acoustic Guitar, is something more graceful, more structurally beautiful.

I found a good explanation on another website ( from a post on April 8, 2008):

Whereas the back braces are a bit more structural in nature, the top actually has a more complex bracing pattern that keeps it strong but also allows it to vibrate giving the guitar its unique tone.

Just the description itself leads me to imagine this guitar, I can feel the warmth emanating just from the words around that most wonderful instrument that God himself gave Humanity the ability to create.

So, the next time you hear a guitar playing a song so incredibly beautiful that your breath stops short, just remember that all its parts are working in unison, even down to the bracing inside.

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