Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The Moon" by Carl Sandburg

The Moon
Carl Sandburg

The moon is a dish of light.

The moon looks dirty with smoke and cloud wisps,
then changed till it looks washed and wiped.

The moon is a big penny got lost in the sky
one windy night.

The baby moon sings low, sings soft.

The harvest moon grins, "Howdy."

The half moon says neither Yes or No.

The lonesome moon talks to the lonesome
child saying, "Me too, me too."

The silver moon seems cold, not shivering but

The moon is a looking glass you see your face in
if you climb high enough.

The peeping moon jumps out from clouds and goes back.

The rising moon dares you to push it down.

The rising moon can't help laughing a little as
it says, "I don't why I do this over and over
always the same way."

The full moon says it is good to be full and he
would be sorry for the empty if he was empty himself.

The late setting moon says, "I forgot something
and I'll be back when I remember what it was.

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