Thursday, January 12, 2023

Overheard at Booth 3: Buffalo Bills Logo

Saw on Twitter the other day this post of a woman who said that her seven-year-old came home crying because he'd drawn a picture of the Buffalo Bills logo and some kid on the bus said it didn't look anything like the Bills logo.

Did it?

Not at all.  Sure, it was a buncha blue scribbles with a red streak, but what can you expect?  Seven-year-old kid.  So anyway, her post was asking for everyone to respond with something that would make him feel better about his creation.  And everyone was like, "that's beautiful" and "don't let people destroy your dream" and all that kinda horseshit, and I just wanted to respond to the lady to say that this is a great opportunity to let her son know that no one is going to like everything we do and that sometimes we have to work at our art to make it better.  Not all art is going to be good at first.  But if you love doing it, you'll keep at it, no matter who doesn't like it.

Besides, that kid on the bus was actually being a friend.

What? How so?

Well, all the people who don't even know this kid and frankly, don't even care, they're all just making themselves feel better. Feel like they're heroes for helping out a crying gradeschooler.  That doesn't help that kid at all.  The kid on the bus, for telling him that his picture sucks, is actually helping him, because he's the only one in this whole story being honest.  I mean, the kid's mom certainly wasn't doing her child any favors by trying to get strangers on Twitter to send empty emotional cuddles to her little precious boy.

Good point.

Sometimes it's the people who tell us when something we do sucks that are the ones who drive us to do better.


So ... did you respond?

Hell no, of course not!  Anything I would've responded would have to have been put under the hashtag AITA.

Because you are.

Because I am, yes.

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