Thursday, January 5, 2023

Overheard at Table 4: Culiacán

Heard the news that Culiacán is on fire today ... apparently last night the Mexican government captured the son of El Chapo Guzmán, and then the cartel set cars on fire on the roads in and out of the city.

There are videos of an army or navy helicopter raining bullets down on houses, and other videos showing the workers at the airport hunkering down behind their kiosks.  Seems like the Cartel also attacked the airport.  Other buildings were also set on fire.

There's some conflicting news that the government may have also released the guy to try to stop the cartel from the violence, but by midday, that didn't seem to be happening.

When I looked at some of the comments on social media, seems like most of the Americans were simply saying things like, "And now Biden wants all the Cartel members to come here" and "If they had an army like ours, this'd be over in 20 minutes"  ... further indication that Americans are so arrogant, pompous, and bellicose, that they truly have zero empathy and compassion for the people who live in that city who just want to live, love, laugh, people who go to work at their various non-Cartel jobs every day and get caught in this crossfire in this failed state.  But do American commenters even think about that?  No.  Americans are all "They can't come here" and "pew pew pew!" will save the day.

Also, here's a little inconvenient fact-line:

1) Sinaloa Cartel's main source of income: Fentanyl.

2) Main consumer of Fentanyl: White Americans.


3) If White Americans weren't addicted to opioids, THEN the Cartel's income stream would dry up and so would their ability to burn down cities.

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