Friday, January 24, 2020

Overheard at Table 3: Hell is a Business Meeting


My version of Hell is a business meeting.

Especially that type of business meeting that goes on for-EV-er!  covering ground that's already been covered in PREVIOUS meetings, I mean, my God! especially when you have work you gotta get to, but you can't get to, because you're in a business meeting, and those who are giving the meeting do not care about the work you need to get to, because they believe that you can do that work on your own time at your cost and be damned what else you gotta get to in your real life!

You have no real life!

Not outside of work, you don't.  You can work from midnight to midnight, they don't care.  They own you.  You are in their meeting and they slog through their data and numbers and they pile more work on you and you are expected to have it done within 10 minutes of when you finally get out of the meeting, which never happens, because you are in HELL and the demons are controlling the PowerPoint presentation!

[originally written 2019-0121 by MR, while attending a business meeting]

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