Friday, October 23, 2015

Overheard at Table 3: #Sanctuarycities driving people to think abt murder

"yesterday on the radio talk show - on that supposedly Christian AM channel but which's really a front for conservative talk - there was a caller talking about these so-called 'sanctuary cities' where they don't enforce the Federal immigration laws, and this guy suddenly launched into how he could understand if the dad of that woman who was killed in SanFran would be so pissed off that he would want to kill the councilman who voted to make it a sanctuary city!

"and yeah, even though the talk show host is, like, super-conservative, even he had to jump in and say, 'listen, sanctuary cities disgust me, too, but you can't be talking about supporting murder and vengeance like that' and he dropped the call and went on to a different topic,

"but here I am thinking, this is what we've come to.  This one talk show host might have dropped thiis call, but damn all this stuff going around does nothing but drive people insane, makes 'em mad enough to actually think about this kind of retribution.

"I gotta say that I'm really scared about where this all is leading to."

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