Thursday, October 22, 2015

Overheard at Booth 3: Dreaming of You

Husband:  I had a dream about you last night.

Wife: Really?  What kind of dream.

Husband:  Erotic dream.  We were making love on the beach.

Wife: Was it me?

Husband:  Whaddaya mean?  Of course it was you.  Who else would it be?

Wife: Whenever I dream of you having sex you're always having sex with some other woman?

Husband:  Really?  Anyone in particular?

Wife:  Like I'd tell you!   No, you're just having sex with other women.

Husband:  Do you ever dream of me having sex with Salma Hayek?  Oh please!  Oh please!

Wife: See how you are?  See how you are!  I can't believe you - and here I am this morning having prayed for you to be a godly husband!

Husband:  Well, at least you know that I know how to spot an angel!

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