Friday, October 2, 2015

Overheard at Table 2: No Birth Certs for Illegal Children

So in Austin they're denying birth certificates for children born to illegals, becuase basically down here in Texas if your Hispanic, you're essentially screwed.  Seems like the whites who still control the legislature have this complex about the War for Independence and are still mad about it.  

Basically, it's about power, about control.  They don't want a rising Hispanic population that has any sort of legitimate voting capacity, because that will eventually affect the power currently held by the white population.   Denying birth certificates to people born on US soil is a way to achieve that goal.

Now, their arguments will be 1) that they want to control fraud.   This is a logical fallacy, possibly an appeal to ignorance or evidence of absence.  I'd even say it's a red herring.   There is no evidence of fraud in obtaining birth certificates for children.

People obtain birth certificates for their children so that their children can get Medicaid and go school.  So, they will argue point 2) that they don't want the illegals taking "OUR" social safety nets.
Well, according the 14th Amendment, the children ARE citizens, and therefore cannot be denied these social safety nets.

So here comes 3) - REINTERPRET the 14th Amendment to make damn sure that those children of "illegals" don't ever have a home.   Because they certainly weren't born in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala or anywhere else.  They were born right here.   And if they were born right here, where the hell else are they going to call their birthplace.

What this boils down to is this: the white establishment in Texas fears the growing Hispanic population, and this denial of birth certificates is a reaction to that fear.  What makes them successful is that they can couch it in the language of preventing fraud, but in reality it's a bully tactic.  Because the undocumented community is unprotected.   And a bully always beats up on the weakest, most vulnerable, unprotected - of any society.

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