Thursday, June 4, 2015

Overheard at Table 1: Tired of the Duggars

You know what?  I'm tired of hearing about the Duggars, and mainly it's not the whole son-molester bit, but I really get torqued when I read all this smack about the Duggar woman being all ANTI-feminism by asking girls to dress nice.   Like all us Christian women are so uptight and moral and have no sex and don't want anyone to enjoy it or whatever.  Look, I'm a Christian woman and I LOVE sex!  Sex is fantAStic and I thank HOLY GOD, but if I could write for one of these magazines, I'd say this...

I'd tell 'em, listen.  I'm not for what this Duggar woman does, with the no-fixing-up-your hair and the Pentecostal jeanskirts, but listen, my daughter's about ready to wrap up her senior year in high school and this year has been HOLY HELL living with her!  She needs to be saving up money for college, because we can foot the bill for the classes but we just can't afford the dorms.  But instead of saving any money for her dorms, she just went out and blew $256 on disposable contact lenses.... DISPOSABLE!  These things won't last her 6 months!

And the clothes she suddenly got into this year!  Oh - my - GOD!  I'm all for free expression, but we've had some serious conversations over these skirts she's wearing.  It's like she's put a sign right across her butt saying TOUCH THIS.  

Again, we were never like the Amish and I'd never be for putting our girls in burkas or anything, but there is a point where modesty comes into play here.   You know, less is more, right?   Well, she's showing more and more and she looks less and less classy.

So on that level, yeah, I'll admit, I agree with the Duggar woman.  Not saying that any woman deserves what she gets, because that's a load of crap, but at some point there has to be a balance between looking good and looking cheap.   It's called modesty.  Doesn't mean you're wrapped up head to foot, it just means you wear clothes that are nice, nice fitting, nice compliment to the shape, and not have your T-n-A spilling out all over the floor!

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