Saturday, June 27, 2015

Overheard at the Counter: Marriage, Both of Them

Verble, still blathering away, says,

"Now, the reason why Christians, or those who claim to be Christians (yes, it's true not everyone who claims to be a Christian is truly saved.  Now I am not to judge people individually so I can't say 'You are not a Christian because that would be my pride and judgement talking, but just read 'Sheep and Goats' from Matthew and you know it's true, but anyway...) those who claim to be Christians think that Social Marriage and God's Marriage are the same.  They think that if they are married by a pastor that makes God bless the marriage.

"Completely false.  We have conflated the two so that in our minds they are indistinguishable.  This confounds the ignorant and the intelligentsia alike, but this is what it is.

"The human race is separated into two genders.  From those genders offspring is made, and by this the human race continues.  We all agree on that.   Yes, we all know that our science can produce offspring, so sexual reproduction may be rendered unnecessary, but we can't doubt that this is how we all got here.  OK, then...

"A careful reading of scripture reveals to us that God's intent is for monogamy.  God has many aspects of His personality - call them emotions, call them character traits - but what Christians, among others, believe is that He infused humanity with those traits, separated them between the genders, and that by coming together as one, we could, in our marriage, replicate the completeness that is God.

"Period.   One Man and One Woman, giving their marriage over to God to demonstrate to the world their worship of God.  If you do not believe in God you do not have a God Marriage.  You have a Social Marriage.  

"Yes, there are millions, billions, gazillions of people throughout history who have been married in churches in front of 'God and everybody' who have always had a Social Marriage and not a God Marriage.  I would say that God Marriage is in terribly short supply.

"Christians are supposed to promote their marriage as a worship of God in the same way that missionaries feed the sick and build homes for the poor as a way of worshiping God.  Marriage is intended to be sort of a constant prayer, a vigil, putting up your ebenezer, that type of thing,

"However, Social Marriage is what we have.  As humans we have the freedom to create and recreate our culture to what we want it to be.   In this culture of equality, I say fair play to yesterday's Supreme Court decision, because they have is bestowed dignity upon couples who have spent years fighting their families over such rights as who gets the stuff when the partner passes away, fighting school systems over who gets to pick up the child from elementary school, fighting companies over who gets to be put on disability benefits, and fighting the culture over who gets the social status of demonstrating to the world 'This is the person I LOVE!' . . .  and for that I say, 'Fair play!'

"But sadly, it is not and can never be the concept of Holy Matrimony as an act of devotion, constant prayer, and glorification of God.   See?  God Marriage.

"But that's OK.  Don't worry about it.  Most people no longer believe in God anyway, so who cares, right?

"Regardless, any sort of movement by supposed Christians to make any Amendment to the Constitution will only be serving to send a signal that they think they are somehow better and more deserving than others to this idea of marriage, and ultimately that will negate our mission as Christians to show His love to the world through our acts of service to the world.

"We must live together.  As much as it is within our power, we must live peaceably among all humans.   Personally, I think all this confusion is because we humans always pretended to have something that we did not, and it was our prideful nature to elevate our desires over our worship for Him.  We always thought that our Social Marriage was a God Marriage, and it has always only been a social contract.

"But oh, well, frailty is humanity.

"God bless, and have a wonderful day!"

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