Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Overheard at Table One: Who?

Amanda: Was is Jay-Z I heard attacked a guy with a stanchion?

Ronnie:  What's a stanchion?

Amanda: Those things that make lines. Like the lines you wait in.   You know, they stand straight up and you hook the velvet ropes to?

Ronnie: Cool.  How'd you know that word?

Amanda: Because I just had to order some for the branch.   Had to Google 'em to find out what they were.

Ronnie:  Cool.  And no.  It wasn't Jay-Z.  It was Kanye West, I think.

Amanda: Which one's married to Katy Perry?

Ronnie: Neither one.   Russell Brand was married to Katy Petty but I think they split up.   P Diddy is married to J-Lo.

Amanda: I thought some Cuban guy was married to J-Lo.

Ronnie:  Hell, girl, EVERYbody's been married to J-Lo.

Amanda: True.  So true.

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