Friday, October 12, 2012

Overheard at Table 2: Biden and Ryan

T1: I thought Biden won.

T2: Naw, it was definitely Ryan.  Biden won the smirking game.

T1: He was illustrating what bullcrap everything was that Ryan was saying.

T2: Ryan's trying to get the country moving again.

T1: Biden wiped the floor with Ryan.  He said, "come on over here, little sonny, there's a spot on the floor you missed!"  there!   rubrubrubrub!

T2: See?  You're nuts!  Just like your guy, you're nuts!

T1: rubrubrubrubrub!

T2: Don't even see why I bother?  Can't work with you  . . . might as well go on to work without you.

T1: Exactly the way the Republicans think!

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