Saturday, October 13, 2012

At the Counter: Picadilly Afternoon Mix CD

Verble says, when my first daughter went away to college, I bought her some albums to take with her.  It was around 1980 - now, when my other kids went to college, I made 'em some mix tapes.   God that was cool.  I loved those times.

I know a young lady who's now going to school in London, reminds me so much like my daughters, so I thought of this mix CD for her.  Basically, they're songs that remind me of London, for no real particular reason why.   But as I imagined this girl wandering the streets of London, seeking out the crevasses and the history and absorbing this great and ancient city, I imagined this as one soundtrack on one afternoon.

Only, I have to admit, since everything's on a playlist now, she might just add these songs to the great ocean of tunes on her iPod! 

Or not . . . because she might think they suck.   That's all right, though.  One person's rock is another person's schlock, I always say!

This one's for you, Huda!

Picadilly Afternoon


The Woodentops – What You Give Out

Dashboard Confessional – Warmth of Your Soul (acoustic version)

Cake – Federal Funding

Hawk Nelson – Hello

The Who – Magic Bus

Chris Tomlin – Glory in the Highest

Idlewild – Make Another World

Paul Williams – Love is All Around (Theme to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”)

The Clash – The Guns of Brixton

The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

The Smiths – This Night Has Opened my Eyes

The Pogues – Rainy Night in Soho

Sigur Rós – Njósnavélin (The Spy Machine)

Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work

Death Cab for Cutie – St Peter’s Cathedral

The Pogues – Lullabye of London

Lyle Lovett – I Love Everybody

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