Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Overheard at Table 5: Hip-Hop Misogynists

HM:  I've often thought that people who call out hip-hop artists for their misogyny are racist.

MR: Why do you think they're racist?

HM: 'Cause they're always white.

MR: [a pause] Um, isn't that kind of a racist thing to say?

HM: Not if it's true.

MR: Well, then, it's not racist to say when a hip-hop artist is being a misogynist.   It would be racist if the guy were saying the artist is a misogynist BECAUSE he's black.   But just saying that he's a misogynist AND he's black are just two statements of fact.

HM: Yeah, but saying them both together, irrespective of any alternative facts, conjoins in the mind of the listener both ideas, thereby suggesting a causal connection.

MR: Wow.   That's good.   Where did you read that?

HM: My brother's essay.

MR: And do you know what that means?

HM: It means that saying two things together IMPLIES that's they belong together.   It'd be like saying "Those Nascar fans are white and they beat their wives," I mean, you're saying all three facts:   These guys beat their wives, and they are white and fans of Nascar, but it makes it sound like all NASCAR fans are ALL white and ALL beat their wives.     It's all stereotyping.

MR: That's where you probably have to define the propositional argument carefully.   To state facts in such a way that an intelligent audience can understand as separate statements of fact, but that the layman will take as a causality, well, that's the difference between discourse and propoganda.

HM: Sounds right, yeah.    But I just like hip-hop, and there are other music that's misogynist too, and these guys never call them out.

MR: That supports your argument.   You're stating that they are so narrowly defining the argument as to make it seem that only hip-hop is misogynist.

HM:  Yeah, yeah.

MR:  But where your argument falls is when someone like Lil Wayne sings:

Cause after she get off my dick I be like find the front door bitch,
I don't know why the fuck your bitch keep coming by and I fuck your bitch 100 times
what the fuck your bitch got on her mind, my fucking dick,
I call her dick head, spicy like a big red, strike you like a bic head
Your flow sick, my shit did, sillier than vic said, soulja boy and arab,

. . . and then he starts talking about how his 11 year old daughter dances.    Well, you can't really argue, that's a little denegrating to women.

HM: You're just saying it's misogynist because you're white.

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