Friday, July 6, 2012

Overheard at the Counter

Niall Carter:  It ws a little disturbing today, I was listening to Pacifica radio, with that Australian woman who's deep into saving the planet, and she was talking to this Americn guy, and I don't know why really he was on the show, but they were talking about war, and how war was economic, OK yeah, we got that, but what was a little disturbing is that she asked him what about the people who died in World War One, the Great War, and he kind of just snickered and said, well he couldn't speak to that, and she said, "It was just a SLAW-teh" and he had this answer that was kind of like, "yeah, well, so what, they died almost a hundred years ago . . .

John Steppenwolf: A hundred years is like two thousand.

Niall:  Exactly!   He was just like, well, if WE didn't know any of them, it's really no big deal.    It doesn't affect us.

Verble: You're right.   We don't give 'em any thought, because they're so far removed from our time.

John: Yeah, but what about all those tribes and times and peoples throughout history who fought battles for hundreds of years, thousands of years, all because that's what they do, that's what they know.

Verble:  Half the world is still fighting that way.

Niall:  Yeah, but then why are we so cut off from people who were contemporaries of our grandparents - great-grandparents?

John:  I blame the Internet.

Verble:  It started with TV.

John:  Heck, it's 2012.   This year, everything's blamed on Obama.

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