Thursday, July 26, 2012

Overheard at Booth Four: Atheist Intolerance

I hadn't really wanted to believe my pastor when he told me that atheists are intolerant in their demnds for tolerance. I thought he was just being closed minded. But then i was on this diacussion page with an atheist, and wewere both responding to this young man,about 19, obviously going through a struggle about how firmly to stand up for his morals, and I'm telling him that to be in the world does not mean he has to be of the world. Basically, to liveamong people and work beside them doesn't mean you give up your morals, or compromise them, it just means you realize that we're all in this together. Then the atheist comes out of left field telling me tha I should let this kid make his mind up and be good to everyone regardless of what he beeves and realise that his moral code is based on a false god who hates gays and wants men to rape their own daughters and didn't I understand I'm just perpetrating the same line of illogical thinking that led to the crusades Nd the inquisition. So, basically, I don't think anybody can really tolerate anything in this world, much lessan opposing viewpoint,

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