Friday, January 13, 2012

Overheard at Table 4: After New Hampshire

the thing that worries me the most about Romney possibly getting the nomination is not that it'd be weird that he gets it when so many Republicans so obviously hate him, it's that they hate him for being too 'liberal' - what I mean is, if they actually were to nominate one of those vicious buggers, like Bachman or Santorum, they'd be easy to take down, because the so-called 'independent' voters wouldn't vote for extremists. See, each side has their hard-core that would vote for a dirty coffee mug before they'd vote for a person of the other party - so even the Republicans who think he's a pinko would vote for him, just to see Obama lose. But if he gets in there, dang, we've got a proble.

- I think the establishment GOP knows that. I mean, they're taking some hard hits from their young uber-conservative-Hitler-youth, but that'll probably be another generation before they start making some real power gains. The guys still running the show are old money elite. They back the Romster because they're smart and they know exactly what you're saying here . . .

. . . now, the reason why I wouldn't mind seeing him get the nomination is to see what kind of hypocrites are the mindless masses that the Republicans have so easily controlled this past decade.

- who do you mean? The evangelicals?

- exactly. The social conservatives that they have drawn into their web of lies and deceit. By any Christian standards, Mormonism is a cult, on the same cult status as the Moonies, Jehovah's Witnesses, even Zororastrianism and Ba'al. I mean, voting for a Mormon would be exactly the same as voting for a Muslim, and these evangelicals would rather their eyes gouged out with flaming sticks than vote a Muslim into the presidency, so it'll be interesting to see if they would actually stand for it.

- of course they will. Those who understand are evil hypocrites, and those who don't understand are unthinking slaves to their evil hypocrite overlords.

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