Saturday, January 7, 2012

Overheard at the Counter: TED

Steppenwolf is saying, "Man, Verble, I really can't believe they kicked you out for being off-topic."

Verble says, "Are you being sarcastic? Because if you are being sarcastic, then just come right out and say so."

Steppenwolf says, "Me? Sarcastic? What could make you say that?"

Verble says, "Anyway, TED didn't kick me out. What they did is delete all my comments because they said I was off-topic. But I was only responding to what other people had posted. If that was off-topic, they should have tagged everything off-topic."

The Barista asks, "So what really was the topic?"

"Would you believe in Heaven and Hell even if you had never been exposed to organized religion?"

She says, "Oh. My. You going off on a tangent on THAT topic! How utterly absurd!"

"Et Tu, Barista mía?" says Verble.

"Sarcastic? Me?" replies the Barista. "Sweet little innocent me?"

"Oh, no, never!" laughs Steppenwolf.

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