Saturday, January 28, 2012

Overheard at the Counter: Bullet-Riddled Obama Shirt

OK so what can we tell from this picture, we got
seven white guys

- yeah, white. and slightly overweight, judging from the pot bellies, they eat at mcdonalds and burger king from the looks of it, especially having those guts and still being in their twenties.

- I'd say they're probably southern, probably anti-immigrant more than they're professed anti-black.

- are you sure you're not just stereotyping? Not all southerners are racist.

- nah, but I'm saying these guys are. But since this pic was probably just taken, because I doubt that someone would just sit on it for so long, then you know it was January, and they're all weaing t-shirts and jeans, except for one guy whose wearing a jacket, means it was probably crisp but not overly cold, so you know it can't be the Northeast or Northwest, or anywhere in the mountains, probably. My guess would be these guys are from Oklahoma, if not from Texas. But that's just a guess.

- you can tell they're working class from their boots and their guns. even rich people who like to go shooting, always wear clean boots and have better quality weapons.

- so these guys buy from pawn shops.

- drink beer.

- love their little baby daughters.

- think they're some sort of ancient heroic defenders.

- like to pretend they're protecting freedom.

- drive trucks with huge wheels, encrusted with mud.

- probably work at glass cutting plants, or machine shops.

- they vote against their own economic self-interests.

- basically, they're like almost every american male under 40 whose highest level of education is high school.

- classist!

- nope. I'm a truthist.

- well, I think we should be able to locate them by triangulation - the emblem on the jacket of the guy on the far left looks like some jaguar, or tiger. The guy next to him, all I can read is "Centennial" which might be some local college or high school, and I can't make out the one next to him, but I can almost guarantee you that if we could read the shirts it would give a clue as to who these guys are.

- whatever we come up, we know one obvious fact: these guys think it's OK to blow wholes through the face of a sitting president, which is dangerous for the safety and the security of this Union, and these guys are using violence to show some sort of saber-rattling, trying to intimidate by threat of violence . . . and you know what that means: these guys are

- terrorists!

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