Friday, January 13, 2012

Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Verble points to another of the framed album covers that he has on the walls of the Zen and Tao Acoustic Café. "Harvest Moon," he says proudly, "So much better than Harvest. Harvest was a hackpiece compared to Harvest Moon, I don't care what any of the purist hippies say. This one was Neil at his best - the guitars were superlative. I don't know of anybody else who can make an album of acoustic music that sounds like it was recorded entirely in one small corner of a concrete garage - and at the same time make you feel like your ear is right next to the soundhole of the guitar. And the songs make you feel like your dancing with your honey on some wooden dance hall whose walls have been pulled down and opened to view the sunset over the desert mesa, and you and your honey are wearing nothing but one warm woolen Indian blanket . . . but then, I'm probably also inspired not just by the music but also that fantastic cover!"

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