Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Overheard at Table 3: Christians and their Supposed Salvation

Mike: The problem with Christians and Muslims, and really between Christians and everybody else, is that both Christians and Muslims believe that the only hope for a life after this one is to believe in their particular belief, and no other. To believe in anything other than their belief is to give up that afterlife. I can't speak for Muslims, but basically, to the Christian, if you don't believe that Jesus Christ is the only flesh-and-blood son of God, then you're going to Hell. Full stop.

Now, I know that's unpopular with a lot of people today, because they really want to believe that by being a good person will get you to Heaven. Frankly, that's a lie straight from Hell, and worse than any supposed "Muslim takeover" you could ever imagine, but that's not my point for today.

My point is this: for the Christian, at least, there is always going to be a certain amount of arrogance. "I believe in Christ, therefore, I'm going to Heaven and you are not." Christians must be VERY careful about this line of reasoning, because it leads directly to arrogance and the sin of Pride. We must not, as Christians, have the mindset of "I" - that is, "I'm going to have eternal life. I'm going to Heaven. I'm saved." We HAVE to keep the mindset that "I" am condemned, and it is HE who saved me. He will lead me to Heaven. He has made a place for me. He is my light and salvation.

Some Christians believe that once you receive salvation you cannot lose it. This is true. However, some, perhaps, are living the lie that because they proclaimed Jesus then they're saved. But my worry is this: we can't lose our salvation, but what if we never really had it in the first place? What if we proclaim Jesus as our Savior, but by our very actions and our deeds we are showing this puffed up arrogance that "I'm so much better than you because I'm going to Heaven and you're not. Nyah nyah nyah!" - What if that kind of attitude keeps us from truly accepting Christ, and by that, losing whatever chance we had not only at eternal life, but a really good one here?

That's the thought that scares me. It's almost better to be a religion other than Christian, or no religion at all, because at least then you have a focal point to look at Christianity. If you already think you are one, you have no reason to change?

Dude! I've made myself so nervous just by talking, I gotta go pray . . . here's a ten for the coffee, thanks for listening.

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