Monday, September 12, 2011

Overheard at Booth 3: September 12, Ten Years After

Niall Carter: Good lord, is this day going to become yet one more nationalistic holiday? I mean, for real! Come on! In my neighborhood the flags put in front yards on Labor Day were left up until yesterday.

Well, I didn't call in any talk shows but where was I ten years ago when I heard the news? I was riding in a cab through the streets of Chicago when it came over the radio, and the cabbie was Pakistani and he said to me, "Oh [expletive] mistor, yoo are not going to go crazy and not tip me now, are you?"

Now, ten years after (great band, by the way) have a song that's 40 years old that is still as valid today as it was back then. Only this time we've got TWO wars dragging on endlessly and killing the economy, and back then it was only a pee-poor backwoods jungle, wheras these two are in areas that are economically strategically extremely important. and that oughta tell ya - while that one might have been for some provinical idealism, these two are more about money than they ever were about revenge!

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