Thursday, September 29, 2011

Overheard at Booth 3: Texas Senator Wipes Away Last Meals

Harold is saying, "yeah after that one guy last week ordered this huge meal and then didn't eat a bite of it, some State Senator from Houston got all bent out of shape and he said 'No more last meals in Texas!' I heard him on the radio, he was pretty fired up and all, he was saying 'This is ridiculous! They didn't give htier victims such a courtesy, they shouldn't have one either' and 'This is a waste of taxpayer money!' - never MIND that the whole Death Row is a waste of taxpayer money. Did you know that being on Death Row is twice as expensive as just locking a guy away for the rest of his life? TWICE! And this guy thinks a hundred dollars worth of food is a waste of taxpayer money. dude! the waste of taxpayer money is the wad of cash that shoved under the table for the private prison corporations to build prisons to hold immigrant women and children! The payola that they give to the drug companies for the drugs for the lethal injection - shoot, they pay five times what the drugs really cost. That's the waste of taxpayer money!

"And about the last meal anyway, you know, yeah, sure, if the guy really did it, and yeah let's face it, the majority of them did, no question, and yeah, they didn't give their victim a courtesy, but this is the last chance to tell them that we live in a civilized world. This is a 'Hey, you killed people, but even though we're gonna put you down like a mad dog, here is one single shred of decency and kindness, which you never showed, at least we can show you this!' and you can look at it like one last 'NYAH -we're better than you' or you can look at it like the last chance to show the person some shred of compassion, which might - just might - lead him to repentence in his final moments - and I know some people don't want him to have salvation at the last moment, but you know, hey it can happen! - but either way, the last meal . . .

"it's just the right thing to do."

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